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St.Petersburg International Travel Forum

St.Petersburg TRAVEL.HUB 2021

Tourism is our black gold

Sergey Korneev
In 2018, the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg created a new project — Saint Petersburg International Tourism Forum St. Petersburg TravelHUB.

The event was held for the second time in 2019, jointly with the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization, and brought together about 1000 participants from 57 regions of Russia: representatives of the tourism industry, government authorities, local and international experts.

The 500 square meters exposition was organized within the framework of St. Petersburg TravelHUB, where 33 Russian regions demonstrated their tourist potential.

The Forum was highly rated at the international and federal levels.
St. Petersburg International Tourism Forum
— the largest international event responding to the challenges of the tourism industry


St. Petersburg Travel.HUB 2021 will be held in a unique format, bringing together representatives of government authorities and international associations, tour operators, investors, directors of technology startups and investors, as well as media representatives.

Helpful information from intelligent individuals

  • Zarina Doguzova
    Federal Agency for Tourism
  • Sergey Korneev
    Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development
  • Georgy Ordzhonikidze
    Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO




Inbound tourism. Plans. Perspectives.

Electronic visa as a tool for restoring tourist flows to Russia after the pandemic.

To present the potential of the "Electronic Visa" as an effective way of promoting inbound tourism
Regional and federal executive authorities (Rostourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), representatives of consulates, specialized associations and unions, representatives of the largest players in the tourism business.
Target audience (listeners)
Embassies, consulates, diplomatic offices, Russian visa centers abroad, tour operators, accommodation facilities, specialized associations and unions, Russian export centers, Visit Petersburg offices, tourist information centers, convention and exhibition bureaus.


Increasing the attractiveness of regions for the development of inbound ecological tourism

Demonstration of the Russian tourism ecological potential
Representatives of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, the International Program for Geosciences and Geoparks of UNESCO, the Executive Board of the Global Network of Geoparks, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region, the Russian Geographical Society, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Archival Affairs of the Komi Republic, Committee for Tourism of the Murmansk Region and the Ministry for Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts of the Republic of Dagestan.
The target audience
Foreign and Russian tour operators and travel agencies (in the field of ecotourism), transport companies, representatives of collective accommodation facilities, representatives of DMC and PCO, the main influencers in the field of promoting travel services, subsoil consulting companies
Plenary session
"Save and Grow: The Complexity of the Ecotourism Industry in Modern Russia"
1. Development of ecotourism within the framework of the national project "Ecology".
2. Lake Baikal is a tourist pearl of Siberia.
3. A natural monument as a promising platform for the development of ecotourism in the region.
4. Development of the tourist and recreational cluster of ecological tourism "Virgin Forests of Komi".
5. Eco-routes of the Leningrad region.
6. Design and development of specially protected natural areas.
7. Geoparks of Russia are national treasure and wealth.
Round table
"Greening and Certification: An Overview of Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism"
1. What does “sustainability” mean in the tourism?
Certification of the tourism industry: who needs certification and why. Examples of best practices.
2. Review of the certification programs.
3. Tools to support business in the issue of sustainable development. Integration of sustainable development principles into business processes, motivation of companies.
4. "Green" events: challenges and opportunities. Sustainable business trips.


Sessions-presentations of modern products in the tourism industry

Exposition part
• New tourist geography
• Harbor 2.0 Sevkabel Port, Marine Facade
• Planetarium No. 1
• Cultural Center n.a. S.M. Kirov
• Museum of Russian Railways
Presentation part
• Ecosystem of digital services
• Russia.Travel V. N. Kruglikov
• Application «Tourist» Pushkin N.А.
• 3D reconstruction and modeling of buildings AGI -soft
• QR in tourism and transport KT, Pushkin N.А.
• "Chizhik-Pyzhik" Digital presentation
• AR Technologies in culture and tourism
• Concept of "Zero-Touch" in tourism
• Gastronomy 2.0 modern trends
• Digital platform for the museum - a step into the future
Representatives of start-up companies, developers of IT projects, innovators, foreign and Russian tour operators and travel agencies, as well as other participants whose scientific and professional interests include the functioning and development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Russia and abroad, as well as representatives of and tourism and hotel business specialists.



• Service of multimodal trips
• Service self-travelers in St. Petersburg
• Silver Necklace Route Service
• Augmented reality (AR) technologies for navigating industrial facilities
• Service for museum tickets
• Product of drama, children’s and youth theaters of St. Petersburg for a foreign tourist
Communications + Design
• Concept of visual identification of St. Petersburg for tourism exhibitions
• Actual navigation on city routes
• Especially for Emirates
• Silver Necklace + VR + Art + Design
• Service/Recent communication project for St. Petersburg
Management, service design

• Customer route across the St. Petersburg New touristic geography
• Luxury and Design routes for St. Petersburg
• Routes for foreign clients of young generation: how it can be planned in St. Petersburg
• The client's journey along the routes of the “Silver Necklace”
• Routes for foreign clients of young generation around the “small” museums of St. Petersburg

Water, cruise and yacht tourism

Development of water tourism.
Strengthening of the St. Petersburg role as a leading tourism and transport hub
in the North-West and Russia in general.
Promoting St. Petersburg as the water capital of Russia, developing water tourism in the region, attracting the attention of Russian and foreign audiences, increasing the export of services in the category "Trips"
Regional and federal executive authorities (Rostourism, Ministry of Transport), specialized associations and unions, representatives of the water infrastructure of St. Petersburg, cruise tour operators, representatives of transport communication (“Russian Railways”, air), media representatives
Target audience (listeners)
Russian and foreign tour operators (buyers), profile associations and unions, consulates, embassies, Russian export centers, partners, Visit&ndashPetersburg offices, Russian export centers, major industry players.


In 2021 St. Petersburg TRAVEL.HUB Forum will be held at 5 venues

Saint Petersburg is a hospitable city even in the pandemic era. The Saint Petersburg Hospitality Safe Travels SPB program implemented by the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development is aimed to ensure that it is a comfortable and safe for tourists to stay in the city.

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